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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 9, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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harris: this is an important point for information now. we know that we have hit the first official force hurricane force wind gusts, just about 30 minutes ago. now, the national hurricane center is ready to give us that 11:00 p.m. eastern of her, a full update. i'm here is older and arc continuing coverage of hurricane. adam is in the extreme weather center with the very latest on this and i know you just read it so you can tell us about direction of irma. adam: i was able to take a look at that. we noticed a couple of things. one, not a lot of big changes in
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the actual structure of the storm. winds have been changed and it is still a category three storm. winds at a hundred 20 miles an hour but what we have noticed is maybe a little slow movement off the coast of cuba. in the last hour we started to move north which is what we needed to happen to see it moving up towards florida but it is doing so slowly. perhaps a slower landfall. we will have to wait and see if this speeds up overwater. that is what we are expecting it to begin to pick up velocity as far as those winds go. here is a look. we have wind gusts up to 66 miles an hour in the last half hour along the florida keys these winds will move ever close north and the winds getting close to 40 miles an hour in miami and 30s there on the western side of the state. all of that winds will bring in a major storm surge that beginning with the florida keys, you're looking at five-10 feet and there's not a lot of discussion on social media tonight about what exactly the
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storm surge is. this is not a tidal wave rolling in but a base level of the water. wherever you typically stand on the beach and say there is the water were talking about it being five-10 feet above that at the base level. any ways that the wind drives and will be on top of that additional 10 feet. that is when you start to think that is scary. 10 feet to be entire first floor and then you're talking about waves crashing on top of that. when will this be happening? here is the tight cycle for tampa and again this will be running up the coast. the tide cycle for tampa, high tide is at 6:00 p.m. on sunday and that is around the time that is coming in but the storm surge will be lingering as you get on the backside of it. low tide will then be sunday getting closer to midnight. the difference in tide in the tampa area is 3 feet. 3 feet can make a big difference if you're close to it getting into your house or not getting
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in your house and that is the difference there from high tide to low tide would be a total of 3 feet. it's an area where we will see likely more water where tides are, excuse me, the storm will surges will get up ten or 15 feet and that is the naples area. here is the type that period of virtually, this could be or fortunately, this could be the better news. we were talking about a landfall tomorrow morning around sunrise where that initial wall of water comes in, again, a three-foot difference from high tide to low tide. most likely low tide when that initial water moves on in and that storm surge folks in naples. maybe be 3 feet lower than it could have been but were talking about impressive tides here and maybe i can click your way through. harris: adam, i want to come in because we had our survivalist guest was talking about people need to think about this is a tidal wave and the reason that is is because they don't see something coming they may not realize that the water is rising.
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we remember this from harvey and the mayor of houston saying set an alarm clock in every so often if you're going to try to sleep this thing out or whatever you are doing, different hurricane, but similar situation of trying to watch to see what the water is doing around you. best case scenario is that they are gone and they don't have to worry about that. when you were talking about for a couple of things the slowing down it hit me that why is that significant and does this start to change the timetable? i'm curious what it means when you say that it is slowing down around cuba? is that a good thing or not. adam: the only thing it impacts is the timetable. were talking about a sunrise in the florida keys and perhaps that slows down a little bit but this hasn't been a significant enough slowdown to make major changes to the forecast track. i still think it will a plenty of time over warm water tonight to regenerate a little bit and it will likely still be a category four by tomorrow morning. harris: rh, we talked today adam, how it is shipped from the
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east west coast and were about to go to adam who was on key largo who is already starting to feel some of the initial brunt of this in terms of the wind because that is where we had in the keys our first official wind gusts that would make it a hurricane. why is it that it is happening but were expecting the worst to be on the west coast? adam: well, it is because he is directly south and that still have time for it to lift its way up. that graphic i was showing you with the winds coming up is directly south and you're looking at the keys they are even on the west side of florida. it will be lifting right up distraction and he is a setup for a bull's-eye for the current tracks. harris: we will go there now before we have to put him into shelter. adam, will come back to you in a moment. now to our other adam. he's in the thick of the storm surge there. it is expected to hit. adam, conditions have changed just the last 28 minutes or so we last saw you. reporter: yeah, winds are picking up more and more here. if the sound comes back what
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were talking, harris, a sick to my microphones you can hear it but is that jet engine sound. i've heard in other hurricanes and back in 2004 with hurricane ivy, it hit pensacola it was a massive storm but nothing like this. we went out for a drive since we saw you last, harris, and it still safe enough to do that and we drove in our car not far from where we were earlier this afternoon and the storm surge is already started on the other side of the island. were only a mild wide where we are in storm surge is already up about 3 feet there. we couldn't get back to where our location was at before. can see that water lapping and as i stood there it was increasing more and more towards the center of the islands. they do have the storm surge to continue to ride and we don't know how big it will get and if it will come all the way across but we do know that conditions will continually worsen in the winds will pick up, the ring continues to come down by some
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estimates as much as 20 inches will be coming our way. that storm still has not even gotten here yet. as were talking about it has been pounding us and at least the keys it's been pounding us since about 10:00 a.m. this morning. more than 12 hours we had wind gusts that gradually got worse and since about three or four this afternoon spent consistently most parts of the keys. it has been bettering so far and we only have more coming this way, harris. harris: that absolutely scares me that even driving around. please, don't do that again. reporter: no, no, harris. you have to understand we won't put ourselves in harms way. we have a high jacked up four-wheel-drive vehicle and we went to an area where there's not a lot of trees around and there were both and stuff and we stayed back. we could even get down there but you can see the water coming in. we had to see to be able to tell
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the viewers at home where that water is coming from and if that surge is coming. as we've seen what forecasters are doing the best they can to follow the storm and all those models but on the ground and those flying into the storm that's the best way to determine what we are going to see. we don't really know for sure and for already getting a three-foot search on that side of key largo and were going to be 30 miles or so from depending on how it comes across the actual i that's a pretty significant surge already this early. >> that is an excellent point. , we will come back. we are certain to check in with you because where you are for the first hurricane force winds determined that this was, in fact, a hurricane aimed right for florida and it has arrived in the keys. thank you very much, adam. stay safe. now, we've been talking about just like adam our meteorologist has done a great job with the map on their where adam housley was just going to track up and i want to match my hands to the map, now. it feels awkward. it will go straight up west.
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that does not mean that on the eastern side of florida that they're not feeling this because look how big the storm is relative to the size of the width of the states. let's go to miami. let's check in now where conditions there feel extremely dangerous as they continue to move a lot of water behind brian right there. are people respecting the curfew that has been in place since 4:00 o'clock? reporter: hello, harris. the curfew is in broward county in the 30 minutes north of here and there been getting the bad weather up there so far with the store storm coming in. in miami there's a curfew and we haven't seen much of anybody other than news crews like cells. if you take a look at where i am at now this is biscayne boulevard, downtown miami and we already have a local lines of flooding here. this isn't from the storm surge
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yet but this is a mandatory evacuation area and the reason why is because this a trend biscayne bay where the storm was initially supposed to come with all of its very is less than 50. they had expected the storm surge in this area to be upwards of, well, let's say five or 6 feet and the flooding starts because you get some sort of debris that gets lodged into where this water is supposed to escape and now if you look over to my right down this road over here, about four or 500 feet that way, biscayne is already starting to come in on that road and that is the first sign of some of that storm surge that they are expecting here. again, what we are talking about with the storm is that when that storm started moving west here in south florida and i am from south florida, boca raton, palm beach, there was a message here from the folks don't let your guard down. the storm is 400 miles wide and we are expecting tropical storm conditions for up to a 24 hour period. twenty-four hours. if you look at what he hurricane
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andrew did with comparison to the storm hurricane andrew came in with a theory obviously, with four hours into that destructi destruction. hurricane wilma and katrina in 2004 and five it came in here with these type of conditions but didn't last as long. we saw the kind of destruction that wilma and katrina did and they weren't as strong as irma but with that kind of wind and the tropical storm in the 60 or 70 miles an hour with hurricane gus is enough over a period of time to cause damage. we are already seeing in fort lauderdale in broward county tornadoes from these walls and that is part of the concern here. that is what the message is for people. we already have 150,000 people in south florida without power in that is just from the outside walls of this storm. the conditions are only expected to get worse here going in to tomorrow afternoon and into tonight and all the way up till tomorrow night with hurricane gus with constant tropical
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storms in the district that's enough to get a sense if you see the stop sign moving. it's moving just a little bit but we've seen that stop sign and move a bunch and that gives you a sense. because right now we are in the middle of those walls we get the sense of calmness and all of a sudden it picks up out of nowhere. this is why they want everyone to respect the curfew. again, it doesn't take much more debris to come out of nowhere and hit somebody and cause serious injury. you haven't seen anybody except for a couple of people coming to take photos that are at the hotel. harris: brian, we can watch this happening as you described. every now and then you get hit by a gust and having done the storm chasing in my days for several years i can tell you that that debris is no joke.
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anything can get picked up. you talked about a sign next you and when you get upwards of a hundred miles an hour and that is going to happen in some areas of florida in the next 24 hours the national weather service is just said that if you are in the florida keys there isn't really any way to escape the sink. it will hit there but you're already seeing the water behind you and just a little while the fume is even talking the situation is changing. that storm surge is coming in and you're getting rain and a lot of wind and that is miami on the east side opposite of where the worst will be. we appreciate the reporting. thank you, brian. get in and stay safe. if irma's track hole, tampa could be in for a direct hit. mike tobin is there with delays. mike, what has been interesting about where you are in our viewers watch this and i see on social media, mike, you are in short sleeve and you look like storms are coming but we know that it is now because it is in
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the keys and it's making this turn in its coming up the west coast and that is where you are. reporter: yeah, the lights are still on here in the wind is still brisk. it is mild really and it is not really a ghost town but keep in mind this is the nightclub area where they have nice bars and nice restaurants. it is pretty empty for a saturday night. not entirely empty, people are still partying away and one person said it won't hit us and not taking it seriously at all. keep in mind that we could see the boards on the windows and some people are taking it seriously. however, as you get further out particularly pinellas county, closer to the water, you have the mandatory evacuation zone. that is everything 15 feet above sea level and further down. zones a and b. mobile homes are also mandatory evacuations. the problem is according to pinellas county sheriff a lot of people are not respecting those mandatory evacuations. he says that technically that is a crime but no sheriff's deputy will come arrest someone who is not respecting the mandatory evacuation. however, it also means no one will come and show up and save
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them. the deputies won't be put at risk if the deputies if someone doesn't honor the evacuation order. >> 2:00 o'clock tomorrow topical winds will arrive in the tampa area increasing the hurricane force winds around 8:00 o'clock. they will maintain the power of hurricane force winds for a good nine hours. that is why the mobile homes are mandatory evacuation. they can't put up with that kind of beating. however, it is not over when the wind dies down. behind that, the back into the store, is where the storm surges. 2:00 o'clock monday the storm surge begins to arrive in this area. it will bring a lot of water with it and it will last through to the high tide until six or 6:30 and the storm surges will last until 10:00 o'clock. all of those areas, 15 feet
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above sea level in below are under mandatory evacuations and this is a good chance they will be underwater. harris. harris: a couple of things that i don't know if you been able to follow our meteorologist but it affects you in the area that you are in and i know that winds are picking up because we can hear it and see it on you. so, mike, this thing has slowed down a little bit but that isn't changing the direction of this a lot. we know that tampa is now poised of this many hours away and you just gave us a whole layout of when you expected to hit but we are nearing now the midnight hour. we are in that zone of where it looks like this thing will pull together and come towards you. so, that will bring a surge in the high winds and that will bring all of those things that you talked about. reporter: it certainly will. that is why the sheriff and other authorities out here are saying while it is common while you have breeze moving through this is an opportunity for
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people to get to high ground. get out of harm's way, particularly, the barrier islands. they want everyone off the barrier islands certainly by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. bridges are closing in people on the other side over by st. petersburg in dallas county and if they don't to get across they may reach the point where you cannot get across anymore. harris: and the us coast guard has moved all of its assets to other areas. your talk with the military commander of fort stewart up in georgia and they've already started to accept some of those things from the us coast guard so that when this thing clears they can deploy all of their permit and go see people. you have to be able to hunker down for anywhere 24-72 hours to wait for that help to come if you choose to stay along those areas where there is water. my, we will come back when we can. even in cities on the east coast of florida are seeing some of the strongest bands of this colossal hurricane. we been showing you that.
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look at adam, he is down in the keys as this thing is now spinning west and going for the area that you saw mike in, tampa, saint pete, naples, that is where they are expecting that 15-foot storm surge. a lot of pressure to get people out of the way there and get them into shelters. tonight, thousands of people in the long lines trying to get into shelters and that is actually the good news. they have a few more hours to do that. we are continuing to covered this and as it changes, and make that turn, we are all over it. an update from the mayor of fort lauderdale, florida. next. thanks for loading, sweetie.
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and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity, the future of awesome. harris: we are back with our coverage of hurricane irma. i will look down here and will keep pictures often can come back to me if you want but i will be looking down the because i want to read some of what just came out not only of the national weather service but the associated press you saw the area down in miami where the water was rising on the side where this thing is spinning away from but the water there and storm surges are already happening and now you have more than a hundred 70000 homes and businesses according to florida power and light in that area on the left of your screen without any electricity and some generator type situation keeping
8:23 pm
on certain lights around the area but a whole lot of people falling into darkness there. one of the things that we try to do here at fox news is capable safe and we know a fair amount of people can still watch tv to do that but as the storm bears down fewer and fewer people will have electricity across the state of florida. we want to make sure that we talk with as many people as we can to get the right messages and the website more than half of those outages are in the miami-dade area. 600,000 people have been ordered to evacuate in in around where there seeing some of those outages. were hoping that people are in those homes and businesses. the company says it expects millions district and what was on their website earlier was an estimate of 9 million people. don't know that if that has been revised but millions of people will lose their electricity, utilities throughout this beast coming in with prolonged outages now.
8:24 pm
this is coming through from them the company says that it is assembled the largest pre- storm force in us history with more than 16000 people ready to respond. they can't respond until after the storm. that can be monday before they can even start. if they have upwards of millions of people to service, it could take some time to get you. these are the reasons why they wanted to people to leave. these are the reasons why they wanted you to get to higher ground and then have sustenance for a few days in case you go to higher ground and you may not see water but you may see power outages. these are the reasons why and it has begun. irma is engulfing the entire florida peninsula now including fort lauderdale which has been under curfew since 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. fort lauderdale mayor, jack siler, joined us. you are with us. >> yes i am. harris: tell me, if you can,
8:25 pm
when this shifted people thought maybe certain parts of miami on the fort lauderdale on the right side of the state on the side of the state might not get hit but they around. >> they are generally wrong. there's a storm of the side there is no right side. it is bigger than the state and its broader than the state and we been looking at this for days and realized that no matter what happens over cuba and no matter what happens over the other islands this storm has incredible intensity and it is immense. there is not a good sign or right side to the storm and here in fort lauderdale we have had -- i should say in the greater fort lauderdale we had tens of thousands without power into tornadoes confirmed touchdowns by firefighters responding to one of them a little while ago, thankfully, no injuries and damage but a tornado touchdown just a few miles.
8:26 pm
harris: that is the first report of that confirmation that a tornado has touched him. your own people have had to respond to this. we don't often remember that right away that as the storm comes in it will spawn these tornadoes in those winds and that situation can be just as deadly. >> yeah, certainly. we are not sending the cruise out unless it's and absolute dire emergency but right now i stepped outside and i was over on the beach making sure the curfew was in full force of the effect and thankfully everyone has been following the curfew and the only people on the beach were public safety professionals, emergency operations people in a few media crews. i was pleased to see that. people don't understand that because you will see the immense size of the storm it will be with us for 24 hours. trees will come down and hopefully we won't see the big surge that we talked about earlier but listen, this is a
8:27 pm
storm of epic proportion's. harris: we are seeing some of the surge in miami area which has been frightening. we have pictures now up on the screen from earlier today and then we had reporter brian who was in the thick of it coming up out of and saw frightening stuff. there is an element to this that people may not realize and a lot of people from fort lauderdale thought, you know what, we're friends and relatives on the other side of the state and let's go to naples and what we are finding -- >> you're a 100% right. i talked with so many people that told me we evacuated the barrier island and we asked people to move to higher in dryer ground and we told people don't necessarily go to the shelters, go to your friends and family and i had several dozen people told me they were going across the state, naples, fort myers, tampa, that and all of a sudden, here you are, and they're having this -- i think were coming back. i'm saying don't come back here. hunker down and let's ride this
8:28 pm
thing out for the next 48 hours. harris: that's important what you just said, mayor. i was wondering what the heck? if these people would try to come back the absolutely can't. they have to stay where they are, correct? >> corrects. we don't want vehicles on the road and cars crisscrossing the state. this storm just might you all covered it for three or four days we knew it was coming and we knew how big and brought it was and were telling people now please get off the roads. the only cars are to be on the roads are public safety professionals, first responders and, you know, the few working emergency operations. it is not safe to be on the roads. power lines have already come down here in fort lauderdale and we are not listen, were not even getting the brunt of it. we've seen power lines go down and like i said we seem to tornadoes in the brunt of the storm will be over the next 24 hours and we will see less of it in fort lauderdale and what i am seeing, you know, is enough.
8:29 pm
people need to stay where they are and stay off the roads. harris: all right. on the left side of the screen mayor, with you talking in fort lauderdale, your neighbors in miami that storm surge is coming in. that biscayne area on one end of the street and in this picture of miami you can really see the winds whipping debris around. mayor, as you are talking it's a good reminder that people outside can be had by a whole lot of stuff that is fine on. stay safe, sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. have a great night. harris: we will get an update from naples, florida. you heard me talking with the mayor of fort lauderdale and a lot of people thought they could go to naples and escape this thing and now naples, fort myers, some of the areas that mayor fort lauderdale is saying his people had gone to and he is saying that don't try to come
8:30 pm
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firefox is alert. i'm looking down at some of my devices here and the president has treated in just the last little while that the us coast guard, fema and all federal and state are ready. here comes irma. god bless everyone! the president on twitter tonight and we know he is at camp david it was getting updates and we were getting things out of what i call the traveling white house to give david. he is getting the word out to heed the warnings from the leadership in florida and georgia where this thing could hit. states of declaration were declared all the way up through the carolinas as this moved in during the week but we know now -- again, 90 miles southeast of key west is the center of irma. we know that that storm is here. one of the places where we had
8:35 pm
already started to see such heavy rain from those bands -- remember they are getting the winds and the search and they are getting power outages and tornadoes, twisters from fort lauderdale to miami on the east side of florida and then when we expect irma to come in full force directed along the west side of the state and all of those beautiful cities that hug the coastline there, naples florida being one of them, life-threatening conditions over the last 24 hours and the rain. the rain is coming down in sheets. let's go to steven he's been out there for several hours as this has worsened. steve. reporter: harris, the steady rain for the past four or five hours here in naples and wind gusts in the 20s. the startling thing is saturday night in downtown naples along avenue is that you could be out in the forest and there's simply
8:36 pm
no sound here and no movement and in the past ten minutes maybe one or two police cars going by. every shop and restaurant down this mean a strip close down and most of them boarded up with plywood. people here are afraid of the storm and they know it is deadly and the essene what it is done in the caribbean. with the loss of life at more than 20 and the complete destruction on some of those islands. they have promised catastrophic winds here for eight hours of 100 miles plus an hour winds here and they should be taking these warnings seriously. there's a mandatory evacuation order in effect for collier county, where i am now. people have been getting out for the day. there has actually been a scramble to find place in the shelters in this region they have opened up stadiums. some people, as many as four hour waits, to get in. it's a difficult situation for some families already on the run
8:37 pm
and evacuating from the east coast and some of multigenerational with medicine and pets looking for a safe place. we are expecting conditions to worsen overnight into tropical forest storm and then the real boon tomorrow both from the heavy wind and the possible storm surge, five-15 feet and we could see big chunks of this area underwater tomorrow. harris, back to you. harris: it is landscape changing type of stuff. we can see it and we know from the other big storms, andrew and others that can really not only do immediate damage but long-lasting damage. steve, we will come back to you in the next little while. i want to talk about naples now because that in fort myers in certain areas on tampa have really become the focus now. let's check in with once again meteorologist adam. adam, as we look at where steve was and we know the rain has been heavy, you have really been focused on the area where he is. why? adam: because everyone telling us that is where that quadrant will run. we are beginning to see the
8:38 pm
motion of the storm lifting off the coast of cuba and just look at that direction -- it is heading right there, right over the keys right into florida and, southwest reported were talking about naples. were talking about fort myers, these are the heirs with a properly or is about to do. here is what were looking at right now. the swells will be 30 or 35 feet and with this running over warmer water it will be expecting these winds to pick up even more so. look at the 85-90-degree temperatures and if they were 8a hurricane we are well above this. there is no reason to think it will pick up even more energy as we get this thing on the move. there it is. you're looking at this landfall right along the coast and it's the right side of the coast that is the worst and it will be running along the west side of florida. everyone along the coast is going to be getting the front of
8:39 pm
this as it continues to lift its way up the coast and eventually weakening as it interacts with -- were talking about late in the day on sunday for tampa and perhaps running into the overnight hours. we have folks all across the state, harris, i wanted to show this particular graphic. this is our windshield. everything you're looking in the red area is the hurricane force wind so 70-100-mile an hour winds but everything in the origiorange in your covering the entire state and that is a hurricane force dust. these are consistent winds and these are desperate folks in miami and up and down the eastern side -- sprite we are already seen it. adam: just because you're not in the code and just because the storm is going up on the westside of the state doesn't mean you are out of this winfield and were looking at tropical force winds stretching over the entire state and a lot of them will see those hurricane force winds. there will be damage absolutely everywhere, even if you're not in the path of the storm. harris: we talk to the mayor of fort lauderdale and we know down in miami the power outages and those twisters that are an indication of those winds waking
8:40 pm
up and they may not be as strong as they are going to be in other places but look at what they can generate. it is so interesting because when we do coverage like this and people from other parts of the country have been looking at social media and they watch this and say, are they making too big a deal out of this perspective there are very few instances where something hold together like a spirit there are a lot of storms. look for all the way to i in the outfit and we started in a and we have a storm activity but this has been one that you had your eye on much like hardy. i want to ask a quick question about why that is and how you knew in the beginning what we were looking at. adam: just to start off as a massive hurricane we had this way back in the middle of the atlantic and we don't get up to category five that early and then we had that long range track. even initially there was a little wiggle room in it but it has held fairly tight and just
8:41 pm
get that you knew that it was something unique. harris: steve was talking about where we have been with her mother. more than 23 people killed. us coast guard commander told me tonight that admiral brown said, look, we've had to get 1000 people off the island of saint maarten and try to get them to other areas of us territory like puerto rico. this thing has been disturbing lives and taking life for days. we will come back to you, adam, thank you very much. coming up former arkansas is in florida tonight. he has a home there. governor huckabee, stay with us. pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. (woman) there's a moment of truth.etes, and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof.
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harris: florida governor rick scott says the state will need 70000 volunteers for relief efforts when irma moved out. training me now to talk about santa rosa beach, florida former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, i expected that you and i would be talking about preparations and that sort of thing but you just got an alert and now we need to talk to your
8:46 pm
area in the panhandle. >> up until this afternoon we were thinking that it would be a complete nonevent for us and we were taking and evacuees and we had people in my home from tampa who evacuated from tampa. we are not likely to get the full force of the hurricane although we don't know until this thing makes his move but now we are beginning and under tropical storm warnings or even this far west in the panhandle which is walton county, bay county, okaloosa county, areas that weren't in the code. now they are. a lot of preparations certainly have been happening today and there had been an extraordinary level of people trying to help their neighbors get things tie down and we have a lot of neighbors in our area that don't live here permanently so there are second homes and we are trying to help some of them get things done because they can't be here and they can't get here. the brunt of this is certainly going to happen well to the east
8:47 pm
of us but it is also true that there will be damage and winds and effects of hurricane irma way away from the center i. harris: that's an excellent point. is what's been trying to tell people it engulfed the entire state and you have the governor of arkansas and as a leader you have to wear different height has in true crises and you have to be the leader but there is also that hard part of you. this is top and this nation has been through a lot and we of the fires and the wildfire is out west and tremendous loss of property there and people's livelihoods changed and the human toll there and hurricane harvey and parts of texas and louisiana and now you have this bearing down and make no mistake about it, americans moved a thousand off them off the island by the us coast guard in another island on the caribbean because
8:48 pm
of the storm. there is a whole lot going on and i'd like to lean in on you because you have those words of wisdom both as a man and as the former governor. >> i think when i am watching governor rick scott i watching a person who is absolutely on top of this. his leadership has been spectacular in helping to prepare, in leading through the actual event itself, in understanding that it is not just what happens when a storm comes but it is the long-term rebuilding of the infrastructure of power in utilities and it is also the human factor. you mention this, harris, and there is no way even as importantly as i want to when it gets down to it the government has to start focusing on the people and not the paperwork. one thing that has to happen in the midst of the storm of this magnitude is that if you don't just bend the rules you may have to break some. you cannot use a typical
8:49 pm
bureaucratic playbook and sometimes you have to give all the bureaucratic's the permission to do what needs to be done without referring to page 202 on the manual because you have to make decisions, right now and you have to make them close to where people are being impacted and you have to make them on behalf of the people, not on behalf of the rules. governor scott, i believe, has done a magnificent job of that and i think he has empowered people all throughout the government of florida. you've seen at the federal level president trump is doing the same thing in telling his cabinet to be turned loose so they can get their jobs. harris: i was wondering if you are going that. the president talks about that 15 plus billion dollar second chunk of money of rv aid and the deal he did with the democrats and i wondered if that's where you are going. >> it is important for people to understand that this is a
8:50 pm
president who, you know, who could argue the politics of debt reduction in debt ceiling in important discussion but when you have people who are about to be in a place where they could get killed, what you have to do is put people above everything else, especially about policies. harris: i'm hoping the governor can sit tight. we'll be right back. this thing is like... first kid here we go second kid you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlockplus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry. for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost. live, learn and get luvs
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harris: fox is alert. hurricane irma became a rather became a officially a problem for us as it moved into the keys with this first official hurricane force wind gusts. it has been an hour now and it is whipping florida from coast to coast but let's bring back governor mike huckabee who had just said some very wise words about sometimes you have to bend and even break the rules to get things done. i said you might be talking about the way to the top, president trump and ideas and things that he had to do this past week. he did just treat you want to put that on the screen, governor, epic every us coast guard, fema and all federal and state people are ready in here comes irma, god bless everyone. i read it aloud and now we have it on screen right when it happened. governor, your thoughts for short. >> the president is showing that his acumen as a businessman is valuable right now.
8:55 pm
governor scott and him iran large organizations and they were result oriented. this is a time where leaders have to be result oriented, not rule oriented. have to throw some playbooks out and you have to say what do we need, when we needed, and can supply it. i want to say a special word about what the president and governor scott both have to think about. they are thinking about and that is what is very clear. they know that they are asking people, not just folks to get out of harm's way, they are also asking even in ordering people to go right into the heart of trouble, whether it is utility workers, whether it's first responders, and let me say a special word about some of the bravest people that don't get much recognition -- men and women of the coast guard. those are a bunch of tough on race. and they will have to do some of the most tough work, the most challenging work that is going to be seen in the storm and rarely do they get the spotlight put on them. i want to give them a little bit of attention tonight because when these kinds of storms
8:56 pm
happen they are out there in the worst of it. harris: i wanted to do that tonight, too. we put on admiral preet brown of the admiral coast guard and he gave us an idea of how just many i asked if they moved out of the state so that they are ready to deploy them when this is over because if you let yourself get damaged you can't rescue anybody, governor. you are so right that the coast guard and the military members of fort stewart in areas around who have taken in some of that equipment while they have had to evacuate their own, we so much appreciate our members of the military in those groups. and so much appreciation to you, too, governor. thank you for joining us with your words tonight. more to come on what is ahead with irma. she is in florida. i'm harris posner, mike emanuel and molly on the other side of the break. and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors.
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the high school diploma has just added to the confidence and now i feel unstoppable. narrator: find free adult education classes near you at reporter: hurricane irma is a category 3 storm pack wind of 120 miles per hour. but expected to regain its strength before it bears down on the florida keys. 7 million people told to vac wait before this monster storm. i'm molly line. mike: i'm mike emanuel. we have live fox team coverage. but we begin with adam housley on the gro


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